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Neverwinter LORE Modulation


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The Dynasty of Dereth

As you all know, the Dynasty of Dereth was the most succesful PK guild on the Darktide server of Asherons Call 1. And, as you probably already know, Asherons Call 2 went into Beta Phase 1. Well, The Dynasty of Dereth was a great guild lead by Lord Blackblade, who is our current lead scripter and Disputes Officer. Another great thing is that the entire LORE Team met in AC1 and Akron University. (College)
So, just what does this have to do with us and what happened to TDOD? Well, TDOD disbanded in Janurary, 2000. It was time to move to something bigger, which would be EQ. In EQ, our guild is currently in the making called Povars Chosen, with my character being the guild leader, Ganlen Lonewolf. Anyways forget about EQ, its TDOD that bothers us.
When TDOD was disbanded we kept our AC1 accounts but we just never played anymore. Why? We were hoping to be accepted into the official AC2 Beta test and those who had an AC1 account has the best chances of being chosen. And thats what has happened! LORE Team Members Nick (me), Code-X, Blackblade, Ghallant, Lord Alexander, and Aleunts (John) has been accepted into AC2 Beta 1!!!!!
Thus, TDOD is most likely to be rebuilt in the beta server. But, just what does that mean for LORE? Why does it matter? Well, it does, between College, AC2 Beta, and EQ, we dont have that much time, and within a month the entire LORE Team will be way too busy to be doing big projects. Are we disbanding? NO! Were still working, but, theres 1 project we have to dump. And unfortuenately, because of the funds were curently paying, we can not afford another bill for a Cable modem to put up a LORE Online server. Thus, LORE Online has been dropped from our working list.
But, why LORE Online? We dont have time anymore. College is like the ocean, you can never turn your back on it. As for LORE 2, were going to be releasing Chapter 1 soon. But, what happens to LORE Modulation after LORE 2 is released? Well, we arent leaving, but, were going to be working on a bigger more complex project which will be revealed after LORE 2 is done. It will have a intro movie and everything! In fact, the intro is already done! It took about 4 days to make, but, we did it!
Now, what about the new project? Well, were calling it Legends of Might and Magic. Aka LOMM! And as you know, that section is up! Go and read up on it!
---LORE Modulation Team---