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Neverwinter LORE Modulation


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Projects and Project Status


So, you have defeated the Celestion Sarnaks and freed Darktide from the wars....but 5 years later, an elven psychic has a dark vision. The evil god of plague, Bertoxx, has decided to reimburse himself, only his vile magic shall be in his son, which is being generated on a savage continent known as Hulinea. The legendary spiders, known as Hive Spiders for their bee-like activity, collect energy from the world and return to Belials Hidden Chambers and feed it into his embryo...His embryo is nearly fully charged, and it is up to you, as the Champion of Hyatt, to defeat him and save not just Hulinea, but the world! LORE 2- ***Chapter 2*** is being worked on as you read this. It is approx. ***4%*** complete!


LORE is a single-player campaign that will be available for Download. Players will have the great oppurtunity to save lands, solve puzzles, find new dungeons, and even find special NPC's who give out only the secretest of information! LORE is a seperated module. Each LORE module that is in the download (when its up) is a chapter! LORE 1 is completed!


So, as The Hyatt Champion and Savior of Hulinea, you wander what else is there to do? Well, Lord Golash, the new king of Darktide, has a problem. His good friend, Lord Elfstone, has a dire emergency, and no orc is strong enough to battle the foes....Thus, you are summoned! Lord Golash tells you that a whole new dimension has been found! A facet, or mirrior, of Hyatt has been found! However, this new dimension is said to be The Future of Hyatt. So,you are sent through the un-earthly vortex of Hyatt and sent plummeting to the realms of Elfstone. In Elfstone, you are in the SAME chambers you were in the past, but, the halls of Celestion Castle are abandoned. You notice that this is the future, and the world is much different. What is different? How far in time are you? Well, only "this" time will tell...