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Neverwinter LORE Modulation


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About LORE

LORE Modulation began in the lamest platform-RPG game, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magicks Obscura. We were working on several LORE titles. LORE: The Fellowship of Bale, LORE: The Tide Wars, and two mini-modules, The Dungeon of Tactics, and The Dungeon of Strategy! Then, news was brought to our ears about Neverwinter Nights.
With Neverwinter Nights we've decided to migrate our ideas and great skills 100% to the Neverwinter Nights Toolset. Our team consists of our webmaster, Code-X, our Administrator, Nicholas Freedman, our scripters and devs, John, Alex, Tim, Mike, Larry, and Jemald.
About LORE
Q: What is LORE?
A: LORE is a massive multiplayer module for Neverwinter Nights.
Q: I heard the words "massive" and "multiplayer". Will it cost money to Download the module?
A: Ahh. Many are thinking that, however, it will be a dedicated server, thus, it will NOT be a premium service server. So, no.
Q: What about my character, will he be saved on the module server?
A: Yes.
Q: Ack! I have a dispute with a member of the LORE team! Any email?
A: Our teams email is Please include the team members nickname, and his position on the LORE Team.
Q: What is LORE's main areas?
A: LORE consists of tons of towns. Some are already populated, others contain keys, etc. etc.
Q: Can players own houses?
A: Yes! They must buy the keys to the house they own and will be able to lock/relock their house, containers inside the house, etc.
Q: Can players sell their homes?
A: Yes. They simply give other players the key for a price or for free.
Q: How much will house keys cost?
A: Approximately 75,000 gold pieces.
Q: Where are player houses usually found?
A: The housing areas can be accessed from numerous portals.
Q: How many Housing Areas will there be?
A: To begin, only 1.
Q: What will happen if I copy the module and host it available for download and make my own LORE Server?
A: Aww hosting a server with the LORE module is restricted and will result in your server being closed by Bioware Administrators.
Q: Will there be DM Events? Special Events hosted by DM's at random times?
A: We are going to be having a DM Event on the 3rd day of Release. Players will get to meet one of the Forgotten Realms deities! Thats still in thought.
Well thats all for now! More updates coming soon!