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Neverwinter LORE Modulation


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Looks familiar huh? Thats right, LORE Online takes place 100 years from where LORE 1 took place, so, some thing HAVE to change, and below, is a picture from Hyatt Castle Docks in its great glory. =)


Before you under this lettering is a picture of a Huline Catman, whats so odd though? The tileset? The background? Thats right, its the Greenstone Jungle Tileset created by the maker of The Drylands tilset, Baronrage! Thanks alot Baronrage, your tilesets will be very useful in LORE Modulation!


A lush screenshot from the Alpha .mod file for LORE- Chapter 1. This is the Inn in the beginning village.


Below is a great picture of a first-person screenshot on a ship to the next area.


The stables is a great place to get good information such as gossip or even good secrets, such as a special trapdoor under a bail of hay, or perhaps shelter from the cold rains in the Northern Frigid Planes of LORE.