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Neverwinter LORE Modulation


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LORE 2 Summary- Realism and the complexity of this Module

Every day, players wander for a good, stable, balanced module. One that does not require too much knowledge, yet, requires knowledge to complete. LORE 2 brings back the memories of LORE 1, it takes place 5 years later. The main character himself is the Champion of Hyatt, and is part of The Hyatt Elite Forces. There is no worldmap AREA, but, one is available below:


So, while many ask for great stuff like realism, and balance, in a module, one thing is for sure, LORE 2 has just that! Now, the bad thing that many will be upset with, is the level requirement to play. Its recommended players have a lvl 12+ character. Many areas, such as The Huline Caves, are extremely dangerous and have a ton of creatures with levels 10-15.
Anyway, whats with the new Huline Continent, and where did we get the ideas? We got the ideas from a classic 1996 game, called Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny. Unfortunately, the game was discontinued in 1998, but, Westwood Studios, creators of Command and Conquer, still help with support on the game. However, were only using the ideas such as The Huline Race. We are NOT using the plot, and we do have permission to use ideas from a discontinued game, we are also hoping many of you will take a look at this great medieval classic adventure of LoL: Guardians of Destiny.
The storyline behind LORE 2 is very different. Familiar characters, such as Leon The Ship Captain, or Sephyr The Orc General, and many other familiar folks. Along with familiar folks, henchman such as Sondra The Huline Sorcerer and Leon The Ship Captain are going to be able to join the players party in the middle of the game.
Another thing this game requires are custom tilesets such as The Winter Tileset, The Drylands Tileset, and The Greenstone tileset. All of them are downloadable at or 
Another cool thing about LORE 2 is the mystery. At the beginning, players are told about a expedition to find a secret continent that was recently seen in the visions of an elven psychic.
So, players are told to meet a ship captain at the Hyatt Castle Docks (Leon) and ask if they can join him. Then, a short movie of discovering the continent of Hulinea is played, and players arrive on the shores. The mystery of this all is, the continent is not known well, and is in extreme danger. Everywhere players turn the mystery is more compelling, more challenging, and best of all, the player is the only hope.
Many wonder "What the hell? Is this a hack and slash? Why dont you make mini modules?" or "What is the main plot? Whos the bad guy?" etc. Well, if you dont know any mythology from The Dark Ages or The Dire Ages, then allow The LORE Modulation Team to refresh your memory:
In The Dark Ages a dark necromancer named Scotia found a holy relic, the relic contained the Curse of Bertoxx. Bertoxx was the god of Plague and Despair, and soon, Scotia had tampered with the curse, and by accident, released the dark plague in the Sea of Torment. Then, the plague had been released by Biado, in LORE 1. 50 years after the plague had been sent out by Scotia, Bertoxx awoke from his dark sleep and arrived in the mortal realms.
Bertoxx had no idea what awaited him though, because on the 500th year of his ruling, a champion arrived, and killed Bertoxx. Years later, Biado and Veran, two believers of Bertoxx, arrived and hoped to plague the world so Bertoxx could live in it. But, they were both defeated in LORE 1.
But, in LORE 2, the psychic elf we told you about earlier, seen the vision of a breed of Bertoxx, which was Belial. Belial was a near exact clone to Bertoxx, only a bit shorter. In The Planes of Dark Godish Brethren, where the dark gods lived, Bertoxx releases all his power into Belials Embryo. After the Elven Psychics vision, Belial awakes in his dark, and unknown lair, knowing his mission. So, in LORE 2, players are challenged with mysterious puzzels, dark dungeons, difficult tasks, native races, and, a dark ruthless gods son.
Now, we ask you, will you, as the player, fight through dangerous crypts, and mind-boggling lands, and fight the dark one who is Belial? Or shall you turn on the hopes of the world, go bad, and side with Belial? Those two choices are to be made, along with hundreds others, in the world of LORE 2.
-LORE Modulation Team-